Search component model used in Hipster (cost function, heuristic function, nodes, transitions...).


ADStarNode<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends ADStarNode<A, S, C, N>> Implementation of Node to be used with the AD* algorithm, implemented in ADStarForward
CostNode<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends CostNode<A, S, C, N>> Defines a node which stores an attribute for the cost, extending the interface of a basic node Node
HeuristicNode<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends HeuristicNode<A, S, C, N>> Type of node which stores an estimated (heuristic) cost to the goal, extending the interface of a cost node CostNode
Node<A, S, N extends Node<A, S, N>> A node encapsulates the information generated by the search algorithms during their execution. 


AbstractNode<A, S, N extends AbstractNode<A, S, N>> Basic implementation of the interface Node
ADStarNode.Key<C extends Comparable<C>> Inner class defining the key of the node, which depends on the values of G and V. 
SimpleTransition<S> A SimpleTransition is just a transition without explicit actions Transition<Void,S>
Transition<A, S> Defines a transition between states.