public interface


implements Node<A, S, N extends Node<A, S, N>> Comparable<T>
es.usc.citius.hipster.model.CostNode<A, S, C extends java.lang.Comparable<C>, N extends es.usc.citius.hipster.model.CostNode<A, S, C, N>>
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Class Overview

Defines a node which stores an attribute for the cost, extending the interface of a basic node Node. The cost has a generic definition but must be comparable. This type of node is used by algorithms which store information about the cost from the cost but do not use a heuristic function to estimate the cost to the goal.


Public Methods
abstract C getCost()
Inherited Methods
From interface es.usc.citius.hipster.model.Node
From interface java.lang.Comparable

Public Methods

public abstract C getCost ()

  • the cost of this node