public static final enum


extends Enum<E extends Enum<E>>
   ↳ java.lang.Enum<E extends java.lang.Enum<E>>
     ↳ es.usc.citius.hipster.examples.problem.NPuzzle.PuzzleMove

Class Overview

Actions that can be used in the N-Puzzle game. In the particular case of the 8-Puzzle, we have a 3x3 board with eight numbers and an empty grid square. Each tile next to the empty grid square can be moved to fill it. This is equivalent to consider the empty square as the tile that can be moved up, down, left or right in the board. Therefore, the actions that we can apply in the board are: moving the empty square up, down, left or right (depending on the position of the gap).


Enum Values
NPuzzle.PuzzleMove  DOWN   
NPuzzle.PuzzleMove  LEFT   
NPuzzle.PuzzleMove  RIGHT   
NPuzzle.PuzzleMove  UP   
Public Methods
static NPuzzle.PuzzleMove valueOf(String name)
final static PuzzleMove[] values()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Enum
From class java.lang.Object
From interface java.lang.Comparable

Enum Values

public static final NPuzzle.PuzzleMove DOWN

public static final NPuzzle.PuzzleMove LEFT

public static final NPuzzle.PuzzleMove RIGHT

public static final NPuzzle.PuzzleMove UP

Public Methods

public static NPuzzle.PuzzleMove valueOf (String name)

public static final PuzzleMove[] values ()