Module with different toy examples solved with Hipster.



Simple example that loads a GraphML example graph from GitHub, loads it with the Blueprints API and then solves the multiobjective problem with Hipster

A full description of the problem is published on Hipster's wiki
DirectedGraphSearchExample Example that creates a HipsterDirectedGraph, creates a search problem to be used with Hipster search iterators and performs a search using the Dijkstra algorithm. 
EightPuzzleProblemExample Example of the N-Puzzle (3x3 tiles) search problem solved with the A* algorithm. 
EightQueensProblemExample Example using the N-Queens problem (size 8x8) solved using the Hill Climbing and Enforced Hill Climbing algorithms. 
EightQueensProblemExampleWithAnnealingSearch Example using the N-Queens problem (size 8x8) solved using the Annealing search. 
MazeShortestPathExample Example using a bidimensional maze, solved using the A* algorithm. 
RomanianProblemExample Example of graph search using the Romania problem described here
SimpleEightPuzzleExample Example of using Hipster to solve the 8-puzzle search problem problem using the Dijkstra's algorithm. 
UndirectedGraphSearchExample Example of graph search with manual creation of the graph structure.