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extends Object
   ↳ es.usc.citius.hipster.examples.EightPuzzleProblemExample

Class Overview

Example of the N-Puzzle (3x3 tiles) search problem solved with the A* algorithm. This example defines first the initial and goal states, and a ActionFunction which decides in each state which actions can be applied to reach another state. The ActionStateTransitionFunction takes as input an initial state and an action, generating the Transition between them. The CostFunction returns always a unitary cost, so A* will minimize the number of actions applied. As HeuristicFunction the Manhattan distance between states is used.

See Also
  • {@link es.usc.citius.hipster.examples.problem.NPuzzle}


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static void main(String[] args)
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public EightPuzzleProblemExample ()

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public static void main (String[] args)