Implementation of the different algorithms included in the library. Use the class Hipster to create algorithms in an easy way.



ADStarForward<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends ADStarNode<A, S, C, N>>

Iterative implementation of the forward Anytime Dynamic A* (AD*-f) search algorithm. 

ADStarForward.Iterator Internal iterator that implements all the logic of the A* search  
Algorithm<A, S, N extends Node<A, S, N>> Abstract class implemented by each search algorithm. 
Algorithm.SearchResult Holds information about the search process. 
AStar<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends HeuristicNode<A, S, C, N>>

Implementation of the A* algorithm. 

AStar.Iterator Internal iterator that implements all the logic of the A* search  
BellmanFord<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends CostNode<A, S, C, N>>

Optimized implementation of the Bellman-Ford algorithm. 

BellmanFord.Iterator Bellman-Ford iterator. 
BreadthFirstSearch<A, S, N extends Node<A, S, N>>

Breadth First Search (BFS) implementation. 

BreadthFirstSearch.Iterator Implements all the BFS search logic as an iterator  
DepthFirstSearch<A, S, N extends Node<A, S, N>>

Depth First Search (DFS) is a blind algorithm that performs an exploration of the graph in a way that always reaches the deepest node before backtracking. 

DepthFirstSearch.Iterator DFS iterator used to expand always the deepest non-visited node. 
DepthLimitedSearch<A, S, N extends Node<A, S, N>> Copyright 2015 Centro de Investigación en Tecnoloxías da Información (CITIUS), University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). 
Hipster Util class to create algorithms easily. 
IDAStar<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends HeuristicNode<A, S, C, N>>

Implementation of the IDA* algorithm. 

IDAStar.Iterator IDA iterator. 
MultiobjectiveLS<A, S, C extends Comparable<C>, N extends HeuristicNode<A, S, C, N>>

Implementation of the multi-objective label setting algorithm described by Martins and Santos. 

MultiobjectiveLS.Iterator MultiobjectiveLS iterator.